You Are The Government

Yes you have read this correctly, we as sovereign beings are gifted with the birthright to elect ourselves as the “Government of Self”…yes you are authorised, just ask yourself 🙂

What does this mean to Govern One Self? …well this is the right to take personal ownership of our thoughts and actions and be as authentic to our own self as honestly possible, i.e. without influence and prejudice, afterall you were born FREE.

Why would we want to be our own personal Government? So we can make our personal lives richer, more meaningful, more empowering & with true purpose.

Ok, so you might ask where do I begin with this idea that I Am The Government…try this little experiment and see where it leads, it will take less than ONE MINUTE.

Repeat to yourself 7 times “I Am The Government” & just be ok with those words as they rest with you, there is no judgement, just relax into the moment. (You might do this every day for 7 days if you really want to reset yourself)

The next time you find you are in a conversation with your good self or with friends or family and the thoughts or conversation shifts to Government you will be reminded by yourself that the thoughts & conversation are ultimately about YOU…that is before YOU gave away your precious “Government of Self”authority.

Now you might ask, how & why have I given this away & can I get it back are questions with answers which will all be looked at in the next post, thank you for your reading.