Free to speak your mind

A good test for your personal freedom is to visit your town centre and speak what is on your mind; without fear of judgement by self or others who may be in range of your voice…this is a true test of how free you are in the society where you presently live or visit.

If this is your 1st time, then just begin with small steps; find a nice quiet spot where you feel safe and begin by just thinking aloud, you might catch yourself smiling with the joy in this offering…that is “your offering and serving” to your greater good. You might catch a few funny looks but that’s ok, practice makes perfect and no one is perfect.

Be kind to yourselves dear ones, we are on a rough sea just now, so depending on your inner strength, set your sail to catch the breeze, just see where it takes you, or maybe pull down the sail to find shelter from the storm…God Loves You and will be with you always, whatever you decide to do.

& Remember….Love your Government for We Are The Government.