Free to speak your mind

A good test for your personal freedom is to visit your town centre and speak what is on your mind; without fear of judgement by self or others who may be in range of your voice…this is a true test of how free you are in the society where you presently live or visit.

If this is your 1st time, then just begin with small steps; find a nice quiet spot where you feel safe and begin by just thinking aloud, you might catch yourself smiling with the joy in this offering…that is “your offering and serving” to your greater good. You might catch a few funny looks but that’s ok, practice makes perfect and no one is perfect.

Be kind to yourselves dear ones, we are on a rough sea just now, so depending on your inner strength, set your sail to catch the breeze, just see where it takes you, or maybe pull down the sail to find shelter from the storm…God Loves You and will be with you always, whatever you decide to do.

& Remember….Love your Government for We Are The Government.

Our Freedom is not for sale!

David Icke in front of a huge audience. London August 29th 2020

SEE David’s speech in the Current Message Ambassador section on this page.

Robert Kennedy in Berlin Freedom Rally August 2020

Dear Friends & Family,

I hope this message finds all of you well & holding on ok, hear this all, we stand on the edge of an Orwellian plot to suppress humanity; may you find strength & courage in your body, mind & soul as you/we collectively stand for what is right & good, let there be NO MORE lies from the Pedophile Club of Gangsters, we know their ties to Jeffery Epstein and his evil co-molester vile pedophiles, we were born free & will die free.

There is a plan to divide us by colour/race, nationality left & right; don’t fool for this tactic, deep down we are brothers & sisters!

COVID19 is a very clever SCAM, which has been slowly crafted over decades; this plan is now being executed in 2020. It is NOW clear as many medical professionals are coming out and telling the truth… seasonal influenza over recent years has been no more deadly than Covid19. Many good Doctor’s are still being suppressed in the MSMedia.

Please take time to re-consider the possibility that your Main Stream Media coverage is also part of this Orwellian Plan to collectively program your understanding of recent events….we can all be fooled from time to time.

Here is Dr Andrew Kaufman talking about COVID19

Stand Strong & United as ONE, GOD WINS.

Flags (for sides)

Historically, flags originate as military standards, used as field signs. The practice of flying flags indicating the country of origin outside of the context of warfare became common with the maritime flag, introduced during the age of sail, in the early 17th century. (Source Wiki)

“Captured ground is the purpose of a flag…the brave soldiers would rush forward, weapon in one hand and flag in another, giving others courage in the rear to advance in support!!!”

So how does that affect you and me you might ask…how have we been captured when we stand behind our nations flag!!!

Well the answer is quite simple, when we pledge allegiance to the flag of a nation we support all actions under that banner, to be more correct that “war banner”.

By supporting the actions of those who act with our authority we pledge allegiance to the acts of war under that banner.

When we hand our sovereign being authority to our elected Government through the voting booth we authorise acts of war in our name, under the flag of our nation as an act of war on our brothers and sisters in other nations under a different flag.

Would we naturally want to inflict pain and suffering on others if all that is received in return is more of the same…war?

The elected leaders of our beautiful world who choose to cause suffering and pain on others nations receive support from one source only…YOU!!!

Sadly thats true, and it comes through the VOTING BOOTH.

The education system and national anthem of many nations are set to explicitly support the continuance of the flag bearing nationals, from early age to grave, these systems line up the unaware to carry out actions as good order following soldiers…poor unaware solders, are preparing the ground for flag bearing courage under attack.

When we give our power away to others to act on our behalf we explicity approve of those actions in our name…if you believe even in the slightest way that there are no consequences of war actions carried out in your name then please reconsider your thoughts.


Peace & Love reign supreme!!!

Remember…Love Your Government, for We Are The Government.

Take Back Your Power

“When the wayward child falls off the track, a loving watchful parent will reach out, to light & correct the way”.

When we give our power away at the voting booth, be it for political leaders, local council or the school captain, we become complicit (however so remotely) in the decisions & actions made by those elected, the elected are they who act on our behalf.

When we see our elected representitives acting in ways, contrary to our personal held beliefs, ethics & morals, we are inclined to turn away or react in a way that is not a reflection of who we truly are. We are loving, careful, watchful parents.

When we see poor behaviour, we feel protest!!! … we suffer the consequences of those poor actions, especially those actions that have resulted in an undesirable outcome to that promised; we expect much more from “THOSE” elected.

As sovereign loving beings, we have the right & duty to withdraw our power from those to who we gave our power & authority away, purely from love for our wayward fallen child or children, we then sheild our world family from harm until the path has light & footing.

You can begin a protest by passing on this message.

Love Your Government for……

We Are The Government.

You Are The Government

Yes you have read this correctly, we as sovereign beings are gifted with the birthright to elect ourselves as the “Government of Self”…yes you are authorised, just ask yourself 🙂

What does this mean to Govern One Self? …well this is the right to take personal ownership of our thoughts and actions and be as authentic to our own self as honestly possible, i.e. without influence and prejudice, afterall you were born FREE.

Why would we want to be our own personal Government? So we can make our personal lives richer, more meaningful, more empowering & with true purpose.

Ok, so you might ask where do I begin with this idea that I Am The Government…try this little experiment and see where it leads, it will take less than ONE MINUTE.

Repeat to yourself 7 times “I Am The Government” & just be ok with those words as they rest with you, there is no judgement, just relax into the moment. (You might do this every day for 7 days if you really want to reset yourself)

The next time you find you are in a conversation with your good self or with friends or family and the thoughts or conversation shifts to Government you will be reminded by yourself that the thoughts & conversation are ultimately about YOU…that is before YOU gave away your precious “Government of Self”authority.

Now you might ask, how & why have I given this away & can I get it back are questions with answers which will all be looked at in the next post, thank you for your reading.