Take Back Your Power

“When the wayward child falls off the track, a loving watchful parent will reach out, to light & correct the way”.

When we give our power away at the voting booth, be it for political leaders, local council or the school captain, we become complicit (however so remotely) in the decisions & actions made by those elected, the elected are they who act on our behalf.

When we see our elected representitives acting in ways, contrary to our personal held beliefs, ethics & morals, we are inclined to turn away or react in a way that is not a reflection of who we truly are. We are loving, careful, watchful parents.

When we see poor behaviour, we feel protest!!! … we suffer the consequences of those poor actions, especially those actions that have resulted in an undesirable outcome to that promised; we expect much more from “THOSE” elected.

As sovereign loving beings, we have the right & duty to withdraw our power from those to who we gave our power & authority away, purely from love for our wayward fallen child or children, we then sheild our world family from harm until the path has light & footing.

You can begin a protest by passing on this message.

Love Your Government for……

We Are The Government.